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Green Apple Face Mousse

 97% ingredients from natural source 

A gentle face pack for your skin made from perfectly balanced and nourishing properties of Mango and Vitamin C. This combination ensures that your skin is exfoliated gently with soft absorptionwhile working of providing anti Oxidant propertiesmaking your skin look radiant and fresh.

Mango & Vitamin - C Mousse

  • 100% Plastic free packaging, Biodegradable, ECO friendly packaging

    •   VEGAN – No animal Ingredients

    •  No animal testing

    •  Ingredients form natural source

    •  Certified VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE by PETA and VEGAN ACTION, Richmond

    •  No Sulfates, No Parabens and no Halogen releasing preservatives



    Gently Exfoliates

    Fights acne

    Balances and brightens skin tone

    Reduces pigmentation

    Eliminates blackheads and whiteheads

    Cools the skin

    Anti Oxidant

    Removes dead skin

    Controls skin aging

    Gives a natural glow

    Eliminates dead skin


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